The future of personalised nutrition: Food4Me

European Commission 7th Framework

Food4Me is a European Commission 7th Framework Programme research project that aims to study future opportunities and challenges for personalised nutrition offerings. The research consortium, consisting of 25 partners, is co-ordinated by University College Dublin (Prof. Mike Gibney).

Personalised food is still in its infancy. However, the pressure on health care budgets and the development of innovative diagnostic and monitoring technologies will potentially enable novel opportunities in this area. On the other hand, personalising nutrition goes against the dominant mode of selling food, largely based on highly efficient production, mass-marketing, and mass-distribution.

shiftN has been involved in this project via our colleague Jo Goossens, who has been formally contracted as a partner in Food4Me as Bio-Sense. Jo is responsible for a pivotal work package in the whole project that aims to develop and test novel value creation models around personalised foods.

A first step in the project consisted of making an inventory of existing business models. In a second step we are teaming up with Jo to develop a set of future scenarios to test the robustness of future models to produce, sell and consume personalised food against the background of different future economic and societal environments. The scenario development process has been initiated at a first interactive workshop in Leuven, in September 2012. Further workshops, involving representatives from different stakeholder groups, will be held in October and December.

From 2013 onwards we will be involved in the next phase of the project aiming at researching, developing and testing novel value creation models in the area of personalised food.

This is an opportunity to leverage shiftN’s capabilities in an arena that is familiar and exotic at the same time.

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