Systems Mapping Quality of Life

Flemish Government, Department of Environment, Nature and Energy (LNE)d

We have finalized a major futures and systems mapping project for the Department of Environment, Nature and Energy (LNE) of the Flemish Government.

The ambition was to better understand how future environmental policy might contribute to ‚quality of life’. The project consisted of two key parts:

A systems map was developed to show the interdependences between many different factors that influence quality of life. This work was led by shiftN and based on a thorough analysis of the available literature and on collaborative work with experts. The systems map was developed in shiftN’s proprietary SYM systems mapping studio. 

A set of future scenarios was custom-developed to visualize different societal contexts in which quality of life would have to be supported by environmental policy. This work package was led by our colleagues at Pantopicon.

The blend of systems mapping and futures methods was a first in the context of Flemish environmental policy making.

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