Reform of the Belgian Federation of Fuel Suppliers (BRAFCO)


The energy landscape has been in flux and will continue to do so as it adjusts to realities of increasing fossil fuel prices, new technologies and climate change. This has its repercussions down the oil industry value chain. BRAFCO, the Belgian Federation of Fuel Suppliers, has taken a the initiative to reassess its strategy in the light of these developments. The Federation counts over 600 members, most of them relatively small operators on the domestic and industrial fuel supply market. However, a movement towards consolidation is rapidly taking place on the domestic market. 

shiftN has been asked to guide the Federation in reassessing its strategy and organizational setup. In a first, 6-month phase a blueprint was developed of a new federation, based, amongst others, on input from relevant internal and external stakeholders. After acceptance of the proposal by the Board of Directors, a second phase has started in early 2012 with the aim to work out the blueprint in a detailed action plan. shiftN is working here in partnership with an internal project team consisting of a representative cross-section of BRAFCO members. Once this task has been brought to a satisfactory conclusion, by mid-2012, a third and final implementation phase can start.

The project is led by Kris Ooms, assisted by Philippe Vandenbroeck and Kim Becher. 

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