Patient-driven innovation in health-care

Flemish Patient Platform

Health-care innovation is still very often technology-driven. In Belgium very few cases of patient-driven healthcare innovation have been documented.

The Flemish Patient Platform (Vlaams Patiëntenplatform), a broad alliance of patient organisations that defends the interests of chronically-ill patients, has asked shiftN and design studio Pars Pro Toto to design and conduct a participatory innovation process. The aim is to involve the platform’s members in drawing up a patient-driven innovation agenda.

An additional deliverable will be a set of methodological guidelines to involve patients in innovation processes.

The project runs from September 2013 until April 2014.

It is financed by the Flemish Patient Platform and by Flanders’ Care. The latter is an initiative by the Flemish Governement to measurably improve the offering of quality care through innovation and to stimulate responsible entrepreneurship in the care economy. It is a prominent pillars of the region’s long-term strategic project Flanders in Action (ViA).

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