Launching a new futures curriculum: International Certified Future Strategist

European Commission, Lifelong Learning Programme

Companies and organisations act in an increasingly complex environment, and one in which the speed of change is tremendous. In order to successfully cope with this rapid change, companies need to understand their business environment as well as future developments. They need to anticipate change and proactively address it so as to increase their resilience and secure their competitive advantage in the future.

shiftN, together with five European partners is developing a tailored executive education programme to help organisations and leading individuals address this very need. By equipping individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to address the changes their organisation faces, the programme aims to help future-proof organisations.

The programme also aims to help establish a new job category in Europe, the International Certified Future Strategist (ICFS). Establishing such a profession in Europe will help to better equip Europe to successfully compete and collaborate with other regions in the world, addressing unique and common challenges. Only by understanding the rapidly changing and increasingly complex world will Europe be able to assume a leading role. The ICFS is integral to this.

The International Certified Future Strategist project is being funded with the support of the European Commission. Starting in October 2012, Kairos Future, shiftN, IFOK, Shared Intelligence, Emetris and Capful will work together until December 2014 to develop and test the programme, ready for launch in January 2015.

The first course will take place between end of January 2015 and end of May 2015. It comprises of four 3-day seminar modules. In addition there will readings and home assignments preparing and building on the work covered in the seminar modules. At the end of the course participants who have completed the required assignments and presentations are able to get a formal certifications which confirms their ability to proficiently use the techniques taught on the course

How to apply

If you would like to participate in the testing phase of the International Certified Future Strategist Programme, then please contact Ms. Kris Ooms on ko(at)

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