Global Megatrends and their impact on Flemish Environment

Flemish Environmental Agency (VMM)

Following upon our contribution to the Flemish Environment Agency’s systems analysis of the Flemish food and agriculture system, shiftN is tackling another assignment for VMM, starting November 2012.

The project aims at documenting how global megatrends could affect long term environmental quality in Flanders. The study will result in a collection of thematic fact sheets. These in turn will feed into a series of expert discussion panels (from spring 2013 onwards). By the fall of 2013 a summary report will be published.

This is an exciting project that combines elements of futures thinking (in identifying and validating global megatrends) and systems analysis (in translating these trends into local environmental impacts).

The project is scheduled to run until April 2013. The shiftN project team includes Jo Goossens (project lead), Noémie Benoit, Nele Schmitz and Philippe Vandenbroeck.


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