Development of learning games for Belgacom, Umicore, Dexia, Arcelor Mittal

shiftN has been collaborating with design office Pars Pro Toto in the development of customized learning games for a variety of customers such as Volvo Cars, the European Venture Capital Association (EVCA), Johnson & Johnson, Belgacom, Proximus, Umicore, Dexia (Belfius), and Arcelor Mittal.

Our learning games are fully customised developments. They address ambitious learning needs with tools that go beyond standardised solutions. Learning games are designed to be rich and fun experiences that focus on self-motivation, honest self-assessment and respectful peer communication. Target groups range from 100 to 400.000 employees, at all levels of the organization.

Some examples of recent developments:

For Umicore we developed a learning game (‘The Umicore Way Game’) to help staff worldwide, at all levels, internalise the company’s code of conduct, sustainability and human rights policy. The game was awarded a Belgian Business for the Environment Award in 2009.

With Arcelor Mittal University we created a game (‘Coming Back Home Safely’) to help workers around the world re-internalise the company’s 10 ‘golden rules’ to avoid fatalities. The game was awarded a Luxemburg HR PaperJam Award in 2010.

Dexia (Belfius) commissioned a game from us to help their account managers reflect on how they created value for customers and the company. This development was awarded a Learning and Development Achievement of the Year award 2010.

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