An unconventional summit on the future of Europe

Network of European Foundations (NEF)

On the occasion of its 10th anniversary in 2012, the Network of European Foundations wants to contribute to ways forward of and within the European Union. It does this by convening, in an era of crisis, seemingly unlikely allies who will play an important role towards bold decision-making, robust social peace, and thriving communal, civic, and economic life in Europe. A total of 50 opinion-shapers within the political world of the EU together with innovators from the realms of the sciences and technology, architecture and design, culture and the performing arts and modern-day political mobilization are invited to a inspiring location in the heart of Europe to join an open yet discrete dialogue. There will be no speeches and no panel discussions but a stimulating, interdisciplinary exploration of our common and desired future. shiftN’s Philippe Vandenbroeck is part of a core team of facilitators led by Angela Wilkinson, Head of Futures at the Smith School for Enterprise and the Environment, Oxford University.

Stafford Beer's short book 'Designing Freedom' remains as fresh and relevant as ever. Our review here:……

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