International Certified Future Strategist, and soon more ...

In order to successfully cope, organizations need to understand their current environment, visualise future developments and plan proactively to increase their resilience and secure their future viability. The ambitious International Certified Future Strategist (ICFS) program helps organisations do just that. The first of four 3-day modules is slated to run end of January 2017, in Stockholm.

Please download the brochure or visit the dedicated ICFS website for more information. Or contact Kris Ooms at shiftN.

Alumni of previous editions are welcome at our first ICFS Alumni Day on 10 June 2016, in Stockholm. This offers an opportunity to catch up with co-practitioners and learn about new futures projects and practices.

In the autumn of 2016 shiftN will expand its training offer with a number of brand new 2-day programs to introduce participants to various aspects of systems thinking and practice.

Systems Mapping with Kumu
Playfully in Charge of Your Time with Personal Kanban
An introduction to Soft Systems Thinking and Practice

The number of participants is limited to 8 for all programs. Feel free to subscribe to our newsletter for updates on these new courses. Or get in touch with Philippe Vandenbroeck in case you would like to learn more. .


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