Foresight and Systems Thinking

In order to successfully cope, organizations need to understand their current environment, visualise future developments and plan proactively to increase their resilience and secure their future viability.

As we speak (April 2017) the third module of the International Certified Future Strategist 2017 course is about to start. This ambitious 12-day learning program, structured in 4 modules, offers a thorough and hands-on introduction to building future scenarios. The course has been running since 2015 and targets an international audience of corporate, government and civil society strategists, entrepreneurs and consultants. The ICFS program has been co-developed by five leading European foresight consultancies, including shiftN, Kairos Futures (Sweden), Emetris (Greece), Shared Intelligence (UK) and Capful (Finland). The dates of the 2018 program have meanwhile been announced. More information on the website. 
This spring we are also launching a scenario-oriented program that takes a different angle. ‘Learning from the Future’ is a more compact 4-day course (delivered in its first edition in Dutch) that covers the basics of the scenario methodology and links it to social learning processes such as transition governance and effectual entrepreneurship. It will include innovative approaches such as Causal-Layered Analysis and Three Horizons. This is a course for practitioners that want to rely on foresight techniques to actively shape a more sustainable and equitable future. The program was developed in collaboration with our colleagues from Tweeperenboom. More info on their website.
In June 2017 shiftN will present a more comprehensive training program for fall 2017 and spring 2018 with more emphasis on various approaches to systems thinking. Stay tuned! 


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