Scenarios, Systems and more

Our core business is to help clients to come to grips with complexity. To bring clarity in complexity: that is our mission. To do so we rely on a varied toolbox of cutting edge problem solving methodologies.

Our experience with future scenarios stretches over 20 years. We use them to support innovation processes, to generate strategic options and to create a safe, creative space for delicate multi-stakeholder processes.

Systems thinking takes on different forms. We have a lot of trust in the power of Soft Systems Methodology to cut through difficult organizational and strategic challenges. We develop sophisticated system maps to help clients gain a helicopter perspective on complex challenges. At a regional or national scale we have experience with systems innovation and transition management approaches. 

We have discovered that there are fruitful synergies between systems thinking and design thinking approaches. Often we draw on specialized design skills when engaging in business or social innovation processes.

With our partner Moebio Labs/RedDrummer we are developing cutting edge solutions at the intersection of data and information visualization. Again, the point is to use these tools to generate a smarter strategic conversation.

Play continues to be a powerful engine of problem solving and organizational transformation. With our partner Pars Pro Toto we have developed Serious Gaming solutions to support a wide range of learning needs.


Systems Thinking + Cutting Edge Visualization = A better handle on Complexity

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An often asked question ...

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