Papers, reports, meetups

Below is a list of publications: our own series of white papers, technical reports, peer-reviewed papers, and scenario reports. We hope they contain some stimulating ideas. Feel free to use them.

For those in the Leuven area, feel free to subscribe to our shiftN Meetup. We are organising informal meetings and brainstorms on a regular basis under the banner of Shifting Mental Furniture. Guest speakers at past meetings included, amongst others, Michel Bauwens (P2P Foundation), Gerald Midgley (Director Centre for Systems Studies at the University of Hull), Jeanette Pols (Socrates Professor at the department of Sociology and Anthropology, Faculty of Behavioral & Social Sciences, University of Amsterdam), and Diane Nijs (Professor Imagineering at Breda University of Applied Sciences). We like to keep the groups small to facilitate rich discussion.

More ideas can be harvested at our training sessions on systems thinking and futures methodologies. Have a look at our shiftN Academy page.


Systems Thinking + Cutting Edge Visualization = A better handle on Complexity

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An often asked question ...

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@Albert_Faber Grappig. Wij zijn dat allemaal heel gewoon. Goede reis!

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