Essential balances in organisations

A shiftN Academy course

In any organisation, regardless of its sector, size, complexity or structure, there are certain balances which are essential for better performance and adaptability. These include balancing autonomy and cohesion, maintaining diversity and stability, and navigating between exploration and exploitation. For an organisation to be healthy there should be management capabilities to sense distortion of one or more of these balances and act accordingly. These capabilities can help in keeping organisations viable by quickly diagnosing complex situations and making better strategic and operational decisions.


  • New thinking habits, instead of best practices.
  • What happens when there is too much cohesion and control?
  • What happens when there is too much autonomy?
  • The balance between autonomy and cohesions at various levels.
  • How diversity helps in dealing with uncertainty?
  • Healthy and pathological stability.
  • The habit of being aware of habits.
  • Balancing exploration and exploitation.
  • The simplest tool for understanding organisational and environmental complexity.
  • Requisite Inefficiency and more balances.
Course language English
Course level Introductory, no prerequisite knowledge required
For whom Managers at all levels, business owners, strategy advisers, management consultants and business analysts, enterprise architects, experts in governance and change management
By whom Ivo Velitchkov, Management Consultant and Enterprise Architect
Format One full day
Date to be confirmed
Location Tweeperenboom, Winksele, Belgium
Price Launch offer. Net price: 320 euro, excl. of VAT
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