Umicore launches the Umicore Way Game

Oct 01

Umicore has recently rolled out its Umicore Way Game. It is a learning game that has been developed by shiftN in partnership with design bureau pars pro toto to help Umicore’s employees worldwide to reflect on the relevance of the company’s Values, Code of Conduct, and Sustainability and Human Rights policies in their own work situation.

The game has been developed over a six month-period under the championship of Mark Dolfyn (Director Corporate HR) and Bert Swennen (Director Environment, Health and Safety Management). Most members of the company’s Executive Committee have been actively involved in the development process. CEO Thomas Leysen has been personally overseeing the project.

The Umicore leadership sees a proactive approach to sustainable development and ethical business practices as vital in realising the company’s goal of creating sustainable value by developing, producing and recycling “materials for a better life”.

Four pilot runs in different parts of the world have demonstrated the game’s potential to engage Umicore’s employees on these issues in a playfully serious way (picture on the left was taken during the Shangai pilot run).

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