Telescope: vision on a sustainable society in 2050 launched

Mar 06

Today Telescope, a vision document was proposed by Associations 21 and Vlaams Overleg Duurzame Ontwikkeling (VODO) at an event gathering 200 representatives of Belgian civil society organizations. The document gives input to an emerging framework for long-term policy on sustainable development developed by the federal government. The vision emerged from an interactive process that was designed and facilitated by shiftN (with Michel Teller from Cyrano helping out to facilitate the workshops with francophone participants). The systemic iceberg was a guiding image for the whole process. First the work focused on elucidating a set of 10 basic values underlying a long-term sustainable future (the bottom of the iceberg). Then 5 personas were developed that gave shape to these values in their varying behaviours (the tip of the iceberg). A set of underlying institutional and infrastructural patterns – the bulk of the berg – was identified that characterize a sustainable society. The document closes with a series of 30 recommendations to set in motion the process of transitioning to sustainability.

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