shiftN facilitates scoping workshop in Foresight Future of Manufacturing project

Nov 10

Foresight (UK Government Department of Business, Innovation and Skills) has launched a new major project to examine the Future of Manufacturing in the UK in light of the many global drivers that are reshaping its role.

From 2007 ontwards shiftN has been part of a select pool of futures and systems consultants in a framework agreement with Foresight. This has enabled us to contribute to a range of major projects: Tackling Obesities (2007), Mental Capital and Wellbeing (2009), Land Use Futures and the Future of Food and Farming (2010).

As a rule Foresight projects start with a scoping phase with the aim to identify the key questions underpinning the study. shiftN was invited to facilitate a London workshop of 35 high-level experts from industry, finance, government and the academic world in an effort to put a solid basis in place for the research part of the project (which is expected to start early in 2012). The experts discussed various ways of conceptualising the (typically very diversified) manufacturing sector and exchanged views on the opportunities and threats facing the industry. Finally, they identified a series of key questions the Foresight project needed to address.

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