Scenarios for personalised nutrition

Jun 18

Over the past year we have been working with Jo Goossens (Bio-Sense/shiftN) in the Food4Me project. This university-led research project investigates the opportunities and barriers for personalised nutrition in contributing to European citizens’ health.

An interim result in this cross-disciplinary effort is a set of four future scenarios that provides a canvas to evaluate existing and future business concepts around personalised nutrition.

The scenarios offer a rather interesting perspective on possible future ‘health environments’ and their relevance goes beyond the area of nutrition proper. Health care professionals, managers and administrators of all stripes could benefit from thinking through the implications of these long-term futures for their services. Recently we worked through the scenarios with the staff and board of the Flemish Patient Platform (Vlaams Patiënten Platform) to extract strategic imperatives for the organisation and its members.

Soon we’ll move in a next phase of the Food4Me project where novel business concepts around personal nutrition will be developed and tested.

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