Philippe Vandenbroeck board member at University for the Common Good

Apr 11

shiftN’s Philippe Vandenbroeck has joined the Board of the Universiteit voor het Algemeen Belang (UAB), the Belgian chapter of the University for the Common Good founded by Riccardo Petrella and the Lisbon Group, and Leonor Wiesbauer for Belgium.

The UAB is an experimental centre for research, education, social action, raising awareness, networking and product development to serve the common good. The UAB wants to be a forum, a think tank, a lever and a voice that is not afraid to speak up and fight against poverty, loneliness, discrimination, violence and egocracy. Sustainability, durability and caring are key words in its campaign to add human kindness to the interaction between people in general and to political agendas in particular. The goal being peace, democracy, solidarity and a fair and equal distribution of vital goods, in a spirit of care and respect for the earth and all its inhabitants.The UAB has organised its work in four faculties: Water, Mondiality, Otherness and Imagination.

Philippe hopes to be able to use his experience in futures and systems thinking to support the UAB in expanding its reach and generating more impact. And he expects the University to be an inspirational forum that can inject shiftN’s work on the grand challenges of our time with added creativity and empathy.

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