OVAM pre-launches Sustainable Innovation System toolkit

Jan 11

On 10 January, OVAM (Public Waste Agency of Flanders) pre-launched the Sustainable Innovation System (SIS) Toolkit that has been jointly developed by shiftN and Pars Pro Toto.

The SIS Toolkit is an instrument to help designers, design managers, business strategists and entrepreneurs develop more sustainable products, services and business models.  Designing is ultimately about creating value. This is where product/service designers and managers find themselves speaking the same language. The OVAM SIS Toolkit invites users to imagine how their products and services might create different kinds of value for their customers and stakeholders. The tool can be flexibly employed, relying on focused usage scenarios (human-centered design, user-centered design, traditional ecodesign, etc.).

OVAM is in the process of integrating the SIS Toolkit in its portfolio of ecodesign tools. It will be shortly available for distribution.

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