New publication: Sweden in a world of growing uncertainties

Feb 13

The Commission on the Future of Sweden (Framtidskommissionen) has just released its report ‘Sweden in a world of growing uncertainties’ in which it makes a case for a purposeful transition to a ‘green economy’. The report asserts: “Sweden holds two key pieces of the green economy jigsaw puzzle. One is an industrial base characterised by a highly skilled labour force and a distinct technological edge. The other is a set of active labour market policies that support retraining and facilitate transformation of worker skills.” It then goes on to argue for transformative investments of money and effort to steer Sweden towards a low carbon, resource-efficient economy in which biodiversity and ecosystem productivity are protected and society is made more resilient in the face of uncertainty.

The report is authored by a mixed group of researchers from the Stockholm Environmental Institute, the Swedish Defense Research Agency, the Swedish Agency for Growth Policy Analysis and the Swedish Confederation for Professional Employees. The work is essentially based on two scenario workshops held in the fall/winter of 2012 and facilitated by shiftN.

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