New King Baudouin Foundation report: “From Patient to Policy Partner”

Feb 01

The King Baudouin Foundation just published a new report - “From patient to policy partner: opportunities and obstacles”. This is the result of an extensive mapping process conducted by shiftN to examine the possibilities of improving patient participation in health-care policy. shiftN conducted one-to-one and group interviews with a diverse group of stakeholders leading to a rich and nuanced understanding of the purpose, logic and contribution of patient participation. An approach based on the soft systems methodology (SSM, developed by Peter Checkland) has been used to structure the interview database.

These insights formed the basis for interaction with the wider stakeholder community in a series of multi-stakeholder dialogues.  This part of the process culminated in the stakeholder day on 12 October 2007, which generated a raft of practical proposals for improving patient participation in health-care policy.

The stakeholders expressed an emphatic desire to continue the conversation. This report therefore marks an important but temporary consolidation stage in an expanding multi-stakeholder dynamic. The Foundation will use the results of the project as the basis for further initiatives to improve patient participation.

Full report (in Flemish or French) can be downloaded from here.

An English summary is available from here.

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