New King Baudouin Foundation publication: Reinforcing first line mental health care

Apr 24

As part of their aim to strengthen primary mental healthcare in Belgium, the Queen Fabiola Fund and the Julie Renson Fund in 2011 asked shiftN to conduct a parallel study of patients/users and carers in order to sound out their experiences of mental health services. Focus groups were organised for the carers while patients were interviewed individually. The insights of this study were shared in a series of seminars organised by the Funds and are now brought together in a recently published report by the King Baudouin Foundation. The report is available in French or Dutch, with an executive summary in English and German. In the past shiftN has worked with the Funds and the Foundation on other mental health-related assignments. In 2010 shiftN conducted a series of focus groups with GPs to understand their experiences with mental health care. In 2009 we developed a macroscopic ‘friction point’ analysis of the adult mental health care system in Belgium.

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