Meshing systems thinking and design thinking

Sep 25

In the past few weeks we have been involved in a number of publications and talks to explore the nature of systems thinking and its connection with design thinking.

On 17 September EPO Uitgeverij published a (Dutch) book edited by Prof. Em. Jef Peeters with the title Resilience and Citizenship. Social Work in Transition. The book provides a nuanced and systemic perspective on the role of social work and social movements in dealing with the fundamental challenges of our time. Prof. Peeters invited us to write an introductory chapter on systems thinking. The document was translated into English - Systems Thinking and Four Forms of Complexity - and is now also available as a shiftN White Paper. 

On 22 September Philippe Vandenbroeck offered a talk on From Systems Thinking to Systems Tinkering at Loughborough Design School in the UK.

On 24 September Philippe was invited at Namahn in Brussels to discuss the question: Systems Thinking for Wicked Problems: Pipe Dream or Cure All?

At shiftN we actively develop collaborative relationships with the design community, appreciating that we often are confronted with the same type of complex challenges but approach them from a different vantage point. The talks will be published soon as another shiftN White Paper.

Other news

Stafford Beer's short book 'Designing Freedom' remains as fresh and relevant as ever. Our review here:……

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