Mapping out a long-term agricultural research agenda

Dec 01

Rural economies are being reshaped by established and emerging trends such as increasingly global competition and knowledge intensity, changing consumer preferences, increasing concerns regarding energy security and growing pressures from environmental degradation and climate change.

The Flemish Platform for Agricultural Research - co-ordinated by the Agriculture and Fisheries Administration - has been given the task to map out the long-term research needs (up to 2020) to deal with these challenges. shiftN has been asked to support the Platform in this endeavour. We will provide a systemic analysis of future challenges and issues that may affect the viability of rural economies in this part of the world. In addition, a process will be designed to engage the wider stakeholder field in assessing these issues and defining an appropriate long-term research agenda. In this project, shiftN is partnering with Geneva-based Giract, a research and consultancy organisation with significant experience in global agri-food sectors.

The project is scheduled to start mid-March 2008 and will be concluded early in 2009.

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