Launch of Foresight’s “Tackling Obesity: future choices” report.

Oct 17

Tackling Obesity: Future Choices, the latest report to be published today by Foresight, part of the UK Government Office for Science, examines a wide-range of aspects around obesity from biology to social and cultural factors in order to understand how to prevent and treat obesity in the future.

shiftN has been deeply involved in the work leading up to this groundbreaking report. Working with top scientists across the UK, shiftN has built a comprehensive system map that provides the most systemic view to date on the many interdependences between biological, social, cultural, psychological and economic factors associated with obesity.

Sir David King alongside the lead science experts on the project:  Dr Susan Jebb, Dr Peter Koppelman and Prof. Klim McPherson, and the project sponsor Minister Dawn Primarolo, presented the findings at a stakeholder event at the Royal Society of Arts on Wednesday 17th October 2007.

Launching the report Sir David King said: The report is a major step forward in understanding the complex nature of this problem and how to approach it, and will be a helpful tool for Government and policymakers in exploring the key challenges and designing robust strategies to prevent and treat obesity in the future.” Sir David referred to the system map as a “marvellous piece of work.”

Most adults in the UK are already overweight but by 2050 we might expect 60% of men and 50% of women to be clinically obese. Without action, obesity related diseases will cost an extra £45.5 Billion per year, suggesting that tackling obesity requires a societal approach as well as individual efforts.

shiftN is currently engaged in Foresight’s Mental Capital and Wellbeing project, using the best science and evidence from across a wide range of disciplines to identify and analyse the most important drivers affecting Mental Capital and Wellbeing in the future.

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