KCE’s annual report puts shiftN’s CAMHS project in the spotlight

Jun 03

The Belgian Health Care Knowledge Center (KCE) is a federal research institute. It supports policy makers in an evidence-based way in shaping the future-oriented development of the national health care system.

In 2011-2012 shiftN led a participatory project with the ambition to develop a new ‘policy scenario’ for the country’s children and adolescent menthal health care (CAMHS) system. The existing system is plagued by many disfunctionalities, in essence due to extreme fragmentation and compartmentalisation at all levels. The result is a lock-in that actors in the system are unable to transcend, despite the obvious cost in human suffering and in financial resources.

Our project diagnosed and mapped the ‘wicked’ nature of the problem and developed, in consultation with stakeholders and experts, a generic ‘activity model’ of a more effective and value-based CAMHS system. This model serves as an idealised blueprint for reform that can be tuned to accomodate regional specificities and the needs of particular target groups. The report concluded with a set of policy recommendations to initiate this process of reform.

KCE has recently published its 2012 Annual Report in which the CAMHS study takes centre stage. The KCE leadership considers this study to be spearheading a broadening of KCE’s research portfolio from ‘health services’ to ‘health policy’ research. Also the strong participatory and systemic nature of the process of inquiry are considered to be very important for the way in which KCE wants to position itself as a knowledge producer in the health care landscape.

The CAMHS research report was with almost 1000 downloads also one of the most intensively consulted KCE reports of 2012.


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