KCE report published: The organisation of mental health services for children and adolescents

Apr 20

shiftN’s report on a proposed policy scenario of the Belgian mental health care system for children and adolescents has been published by the Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre (KCE). This report is the result of a short (6-month) and intense participatory process that involved a mixed group of 66 key stakeholders from different professional and language communities. We used (soft) systems thinking tools to help the stakeholders to lay down the overall structure of a more integrated, adaptive and value-driven mental health care system. Assessing the gap between the idealised and the existing system led to a set of 10 key recommendations that are offered to the professional and policy community as a basis for reform.

For this assignment, the shiftN team was complemented by Beth Stroul, one of the architects of the influential System of Care approach in the US. Rachel Dechenne (RDW Consulting) was part of the core team and led the interactions with the French-speaking stakeholders.

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