Interest in Personalised Nutrition on the rise

Jo Goossens, shiftN Partner, has given talks on the future of Personalised Nutrition at the Global Food Summit and Food Matters Live conferences in London. On December 2 he will present a keynote on trends in food and society at the LeuvenInc seminar (S)Maakbare voeding – de toekomst op uw bord.

As the results from the Food4Me project emerge and stakeholders start exploring the future consequences, it transpires that personalized nutrition has the potential to contribute to the transformation of the concept of health in society. So far, consumers have been struggling to make appropriate dietary choices that support long term health, especially trying to balance this with lifestyle and personal goals and preferences. Future personalised nutrition offerings will empower consumers in achieving the necessary dietary behavior change, thus regaining control over the impact of food on health. This is the key benefit that drives consumer intentions to adopt a personalized nutrition approach. It will also bring important shifts in food purchasing and consumption patterns as well as in health care insurance practices.

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