Foresight Land Use Futures

Sep 01

shiftN has been awarded a contract in the framework of the new Land Use Futures project led by the Foresight Directorate of UK Government.

The project will explore how land use in the UK could change over the next 50 years. This includes examining society’s future needs and values toward land use in order to identify where the greatest pressures on land could be. shiftN has been asked to contribute to a systems analysis of the ìland use systemî as a conceptual foundation for a set of future scenarios. We will also contribute to developing a diagnostic tool, based on the systems analysis and the scenarios, to identify short-to-medium term policy priorities.

As in all Foresight projects, we will have the opportunity to rely on a large body of solid, very up-to-date scientific evidence. The project will run well into 2009 and final deliverable is scheduled for January 2010.

Link: Foresight Project on Land Use Futures

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