EU Horizon 2020: bridging the gap between research and market

Nov 26

With Horizon 2020, the European Commission is shifting gear by focusing on bridging the gap between research and market. Over the last years shiftN built substantial expertise in this area, being involved in a number of European projects like Food4Me, QuaLiFY (both Seventh Framework Programme) and in the development of the International Certified Future Strategist curriculum (under the EU Lifelong Learning Programme).

At the EU Project Management & Science Communication workshop (organized by EuroFIR), we were invited to share this knowledge in a session on “Exploitation and Sustainability”.

First part of the session was focused on steps to bridge the gap between research and market. The Osterwalder Business Model generation process was used as a framework to demonstrate how shiftN tools and approaches - system maps, future scenarios, activity models – help to develop and implement offerings that align customer needs to internal assets and developments in the external environment.

The second part focused on building a Business Model inviting participants to frame their own research topic from the perspective of the future customer(s).

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