Deep learning conversation with Arienne van Staveren and Johannes Bongers

Jul 20

We invited Arienne van Staveren to join us and a couple of friends for a full day of discussions in the tranquil surroundings of the Leerhof in Parike. Dr. Arienne van Staveren is director of the Landelijke Expertisecentrum voor Sociale Interventie (LESI) and a recognised expert on system innovation, transition management, action research and the design of complex learning environments. In 2007 she co-authored a book on system innovation with John Grin (Werken aan Systeeminnovatie, Van Gorcum) and in that same year she put the final touches on a wonderful PhD: “Zonder wrijving geen glans” (“Friction as an opportunity for change”) which discussed processes of learning and collaboration in settings of change and innovation. Arienne invited Johannes Bongers along. Johannes is an artist and Creative Director at Stalingrad, an ‘interactivist’ studio that seeks new models of value creation around broad societal challenges. The leading question that was introduced by Arienne was: “We can bet as much as we like on system innovation but is the world really becoming a better place as a result?”

From the fall onwards, as soon as we have moved to our new premises at the old brewery De Hoorn in the Leuven canal zone, we will invite focal guests for ‘deep learning conversations’ on a regular basis. Let us know if you’d like to be part of it.

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