An interactive visual environment for a syntactic analysis of global megatrends reports

May 31

Recently shiftN wrapped up a project for the Flemish Environmental Agency (VMM-MIRA) that aimed at understanding what the impact would be of global megatrends on the Flemish environment.

A collection of 11 recent studies on global megatrends up to 2050 formed the basis for the analysis. The sample included the following reports:

European Environmental Agency - The European Environment: State and Outlook 2010 – Assessment of Global Megatrends
Global Trends - The Global Trends Report 2013
The European Commission – The World in 2025
COS - Horizon Scan 2007
Vodaphone - Future Agenda
The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) - Our Future World
World Economic Forum - Global Risks 2013
UK Ministry of Defense – Global Strategic Trends 2040
Steria/Global Futures and Foresight – The Future report 2011
Fraunhofer - Future markets
Alcatel Lucent –

shiftN relied on an interactive visual environment – developed in collaboration with Moebio - to explore how these studies syntactically relate to one another. Based on the analysis encapsulated by the visual environment it is possible to assess how different or alike these studies are in terms of the words and concepts they rely on. In addition it provides a quick and powerful way to come to grips with a complex body of content.

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