Additional grant from UN foundation for ‘2025 Fields for Food or Fuel?’

May 02

2025 Fields for Food or Fuel? is a collaborative scenario project on the future biofuels regime, jointly organised by shiftN and Giract ( The project is an effort to better understand supply-demand dynamics in global biomass markets. Key sponsors include the UN Foundation and three agrifood companies: Jungbunzlauer, Nutreco and Cosun. Participating experts Participants include representatives from sponsor organisations, from NGOs (WWF, International Institute for Sustainable Development, Ethical Sugar), the European Commission DG Environment, transnational institutions (UNCTAD, FAO, IFAP) and academic experts.

The scenario development process has been brought to a close and the final report is in preparation. The UN Foundation has provided an additional grant to design and publish a summary brochure with the project’s key insights. This brochure will be available for wide distribution from mid-summer onwards.

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