A seminar on ‘working with wicked problems’

Jan 06

The King Baudouin Foundation has asked shiftN to put together and co-ordinate a training seminar on ‘working with wicked problems’. The seminar is intended to provide a broad methodological overview of approaches to come to grips with the many intractable (‘socio-technico-environmental’) problems we are currently facing. The focus will be on soft systems methodology, systemic governance, adaptive management, future scenarios, transition management and design thinking. Expert contributions will be delivered by Luc Hoebeke (Hoebeke, Staes and Partners), Ralf-Eckhard Türke (Uni Sankt Gallen), Maja Göpel (World Future Council), Angela Wilkinson (Smith School, Oxford University), Erik Paredis (UGent) and Paola Vigano (Studio 10/UIAV Venice).

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