A Global Energy and Environment Strategic Foresight Lab

Apr 27

April 27 & 28 2009 – An Energy and Environment Strategic Foresight Lab was held in Washington DC under the auspices of the Energy and Environmental Security Directorate (EESD) of the US Goverment’s Department of Energy’s Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence. The Lab was co-designed and co-facilitated by shiftN and brought together a diverse group of 100 thinkers, scientists, analysts, planners and decision-makers to identify and assess critical vulnerabilities emerging from the interconnection of energy and environmental drivers.

The Strategic Foresight Lab was just one milestone in a much broader effort to remodel strategic intelligence away from the compartmentalised, classified approach espoused by national security establishments towards a permanent, self-organising, international, openly available participatory platform involving both virtual and face-to-face forums.

shiftN has also committed to develop a pilot project to demonstrate the potential of internationally collaborative research on the nexus between energy and environmental forces to swiftly and elegantly lead to actionable foresight. At this point several trajectories are being explored. shiftN’s commitment in the GlobalEESE will continue well into 2010.

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