“2025 Fields for Food or Fuel?” Drawing to a close.

Feb 12

The 2025 Foods for Food or Fuel? project was launched on October 1st with a first workshop in Divonne-les-Bains near Geneva.

The series of three workshops was concluded in February 2008.

Richard Perkins, from WWF UK expressed the participants’ enthusiasm, saying he found it “a fascinating meeting” and “one of the best facilitated processes I have been involved in recent years”.

With this initiative, shiftN and Giract brought together representatives from different stakeholder groups to collaboratively develop and explore future scenarios on the emergent, global bio-energy regime. The project is an effort to understand the future dynamics of global supply and demand of “renewable organic material”. This issue is particularly acute given the emerging competition between different end-uses for biomass - food, animal feed and energy – with severe disruptions of agrifood markets as a possible consequence.

The project has been conceived and developed by shiftN and Giract. Prof. André Faaij from Utrecht University’s Copernicus Institute acts as the project’s Scientific Advisor.

Key sponsors of the initiative are the UN Foundation and three agrifood companies: Jungbunzlauer, Nutreco and Cosun.

Participants include representatives from sponsor organisations, from NGOs (WWF, International Institute for Sustainable Development, Ethical Sugar), the European Commission DG Environment, transnational institutions (UNCTAD, FAO, IFAP) and academic experts.

More information can be found on www.fields-for-food-or-fuel.net

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