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At shiftN we believe we are at the very cusp of significant transformations. We’re shooting the rapids. It’s a time in which the basics need to be rethought and new practices need to be developed. Creating clarity in complexity. Envisioning new futures. Putting in place novel experiments. Exploring new value creation models. Since almost 20 years that’s what shiftN has been helping organisations with.

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Towards a Systemic Design Toolkit

shiftN is working with Brussels-based design studio Namahn on the development of a Systemic Design Toolkit. Kristel Van Ael, partner…

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food sustainability

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Strategies to tackle high drug prices: a future scenario project

High prices for novel speciality drugs are an increasingly topical and urgent issue on the agenda of political decision makers…

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Systems Thinking + Cutting Edge Visualization = A better handle on Complexity

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An often asked question ...

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Scientists develop new high-precision method for analysing & comparing functioning and structure of complex networks

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